Your inner good girl has been running the show for too long.

If you don’t loosen her grip on your life, you can’t crawl out from the weight of “not good enough.” You can’t shake the feeling of perpetual guilt that clings to the fear of being “found out”. The good girl wants you to believe that you need to work harder, get more organized, achieve more and then be grateful. You could manifest every single dream and achieve every goal, but if your good girl is in charge, you still won’t feel fulfilled.

The days of the good girl are over.

The best way to step out of your good girl energy is to step out of your life of responsibility for four days. You can’t fully go beyond your good girl when you’re mired in the daily details: juggling schedules, making decisions, household chores, and taking care of those you love. You need a sacred space away from distractions and expectations because your inner wisdom and creativity don’t have room to breathe. It’s too loud for you to hear yourself.

You need a Getaway from your Good Girl

October 4-8 2017

Imagine This

Your toes feel freedom as they sink into the sand. You feel the sun’s warmth on your back and the gentle wind from the sea on your face. You’ve been walking the beach in a moving meditation, feeling peace in your mind and body that you haven’t felt in a long time. You wonder, “why have I been taking life so seriously?” The waves roll in just like the clarity and insight that you’ve asked for. Your head feels clearer, your shoulders lighter, and your heart open. Up ahead, you see your beach chair and now you have to make a decision. Do you sit down and journal ocean front or do you join the small circle of new friends that have gathered by the pool in laughter and meaningful conversation? You breathe in, knowing that either choice is the perfect one. You decide. And with a smile, you realize it’s all about what YOU want.

This is Your Getaway. Your inner Good Girl doesn’t get to decide what you’re doing or where you’re going. You don’t have to take care of anyone – or accommodate anyone else’s wishes. You experience the incredible freedom of following YOURSELF.

Imagine a 5 day, 4 night Getaway at an all-inclusive, five-star resort. This means you pay one resort fee for your beautiful suite accommodations, ALL your gourmet food, drinks – yes, even alcohol – are included. You’ll be on a tropic beach with some of the most soulful, giving, fun women around. We’re talking badass entrepreneurs, magnificent mommies, heart-centered women, corporate visionaries, and ladies who give their all to life, work, home, and loved ones.

One of my gifts and brilliances is bringing women together and helping them feel safe and comfortable. I am a master group facilitator in helping women remove their masks to be seen and feel empowered. Imagine being so present, so caught up in feeling joy and connection that you dance, swim and speak without being self-conscious, worried about judgement or feeling invisible.

When you leave the Bye Bye Good Girl Getaway, you take a community of women with you.

Take a look at our past getaways.

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You’ve heard about the Bye Bye Good Girl Getaway. You’ve seen pictures and heard the stories.
You may have even promised yourself that someday you’d go…


SIGN UP NOW Talk with Regena

Here’s just some of the magic that happens in Cancun…

What you will receive on this Getaway:

Luxurious Accommodations

Beautiful, modern accommodations at a world-class, five-star resort. You can choose to stay in a suite all by yourself or have a roommate! You can get an ocean or pool view. And all suites have outdoor terraces or balconies, bathrobes, slippers, a whirlpool tub, large walk-in showers, complimentary mini-bars and wifi.

Meals and Drinks

This is a five-star, all-inclusive resort – and that means ALL your meals and alcohol are included. Think healthy, decadent, gourmet food and umbrella drinks by the pool. Every night, you’ll have a variety of different restaurants and cuisines to choose from – seafood, steak, Mediterranean, Italian, French, Japanese or Mexican… whatever you’re craving. You’ll look forward to each morning, greeting a talented chef with a smile as he personally prepares a tantalizing crepe or savory omelet, cooked just the way you like it. Energize every cell with a cool glass of freshly blended juice, or stop by the coffee shop for a welcomed cup of cappuccino. Everything’s included – and it’s all waiting for YOU.

Daily Group Sessions

Every day until 1pm, you’ll come together as a group with master facilitator Regena Garrepy for a dynamic session of reflection, growth, fun, and connection – as well as individual laser coaching. You’ll learn about:

  • The Good Girl myths and the four archetypes that tend to run the show in a way that limits your business, relationships, pleasure and money
  • Allowing yourself the freedom of play, laughter and relaxation
  • Healing your negative self-talk
  • Turning on your creativity to bring new life to what feels stale or stuck
  • Accessing and trusting your intuition so you don’t doubt yourself or spin in circles
  • Taking better care of yourself for real this time – and identifying why you’ve struggled in the past
  • Asking for what you want and setting boundaries
  • Shifting your shitty list of “shoulds”
  • Giving up the guilt
  • Reclaiming your essence – your spark, your mojo, your YOU
  • Taking off the mask and reconnecting with your higher self
  • Activating your Red Hot Visionista


Transportation to and from the airport to the resort is provided with your package. Once you get off the plane, you’ll be quickly greeted, picked up and comfortably whisked away to Paradise. On your last day, you’ll be brought to the airport in plenty of time for your flight.

Evening Parties and Events

Every evening, we’ll get together for something special. Whether it’s hilarious play, a ceremony on the beach under the stars or our famous Red Hot Visionista night, you’ll be integrating everything we learn in our playshops and put them into practice. You’ll meet and get to know each member of the group to create partnerships, ideas, collaborations and amazing soul sister friendships.

An Afternoon at the Spa

Imagine spending an afternoon wrapped in tranquility, basking in a beautiful, 12,000 square foot spa that takes your breath away. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a soft, terrycloth robe, enveloping you with calm – and you’ll surrender to a relaxing, meditative massage that changes your perspective. You’ll also have full use of the resort’s spa facilities, where you can lounge in a private cabana, detox in the steam and sauna rooms, and recover in hydro therapy and plunge pools. This is always a “Getaway Gal” favorite. ($160 value)

I see you doing it all… What About You?

You do a lot. Even though at the end of the day, you beat yourself up. Why? Because what you crossed off your list wasn’t enough. You want and intend to make more time for yourself, to take better care of your mind, body and spirit. You promise yourself more walks, massages, journaling or just turning off your damn phone and going to bed earlier. But you break your promises and then feel worse. In my experience as an entrepreneur, wife, mom, and heart-centered women, I’ve learned a few things (the hard way)…

Self-care is not a luxury – but a necessity

If you want to continue to passionately give to your friends, children, businesses, communities and the planet… you must feed the fire within.
Or else it will die out.

Nourish and selfcare

Self-worth and self-love is directly tied to money, peace, and creativity

When you take a stand for your body wisdom, honor your spirit and cherish your quiet time, you are in a high-vibration energy state. And money is energy. It flows like electricity. And your energy of renewed self-worth and self-love directly affects the energy of money because all of it is tied to the ability to RECEIVE.

Receiving is difficult for women. It’s hard to ask for support, let alone truly allow it – along with pleasure, recognition and attention into your being. You’ve built up the wall that says, “I’ve got this myself. I’m good. Don’t worry about me.” This keeps the goodness out. This keeps you protected and on guard. Some of my getaway women have walls so tall they turn into bars… a personal prison of perfection.

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

You crave being able to open, feel the peace of inner knowing, express yourself and feel connected. You want it, but you are stuck in the daily grind of judging, comparing and blaming.

This Getaway is designed to create a major shift in how you see and accept yourself. With this dose of self-love, you are more open than ever – and the yummy stuff in life has a place to go… into your heart, body and mind.

If you’re still reading, part of you is screaming, “SIGN ME UP!

But your Good Girl? She’s hating this right now. She has a MILLION reasons why you can’t go.

Part of the “Good Girl Guilt” is probably telling you: if you’re going to spend money on a vacation, you should be going with your family… not by yourself. Why do you deserve it? What makes you so special?

I get it. Family vacations are vital. But so are trips away from your family.

Yes, not only can you spend the money to go on a trip like this by yourself and for yourself… but YOU NEED TO. The benefits far outweigh the worry.

LET’S BE REAL: family vacations are wonderful bonding experiences – but they’re also WORK. No matter how you slice it, part of you is still planning, bending, shifting, cleaning up, and accommodating the people you love. On a family vacation, you’re trying to create a great experience for everyone, including yourself, and that requires incredible effort. It’s not the sacred “solo space” you need to get deeply connected with your soul.

Only when you go on a trip by yourself – away from family, away from everything – can you truly experience perspective. And when you unplug from those parts of your life, you can learn the unique ways to follow yourself.

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Yup, I sure do need a Good Girl Getaway. When do we leave?

You’ll fly in early on Wednesday, October 4th and we meet as a group at 5:30pm for our first session. We will be together Thursday, Friday and Saturday – and you can fly home anytime on Sunday, October 8th. If you don’t have an early flight, you can join us for a “Bye Bye Breakfast” and walk the beach one last time.

Where are we staying?

At a luxurious, all-inclusive Secrets™ resort in Quintana Roo, Mexico. You will fly into Cancun (CUN), and the resort is less than 20 minutes from the airport by car.

Is this an all-inclusive resort?

YES, YES and YES! Your suite, meals, transfers to and from the airport to the resort, Bye Bye Good Girl playshops, an exclusive journal, laser coaching, meditations, yoga, resort activities, a private dinner… even your alcoholic drinks are included. All you need to take care of separately is your flight!

I want the double room rate but don’t have a roommate yet?

Most women come to the Getaway for the first time without knowing anyone. But they ALWAYS leave with many new friends. This Getaway is designed to help you connect with others – even if you are an introvert (guess what, Regena is too!). If you would like to have a roommate, we’ll help match you up with someone amazing. It’s fun to have someone with you when you order french-fries from room service, or to sip wine on your balcony under the moon (one of Regena’s annual traditions). Another idea is to entice a girlfriend to come along, so you can connect more deeply and experience it all together. We also have a private Facebook group for everyone to meetup and mingle, as well as a virtual coaching video chat – so you’ll feel like you know people before you even get on the plane. Over the past 5 years, we’ve had roommates who met on the getaway and have continued as “soul sisters” ever since. In fact, one pair still travels together to every Getaway!

What if I want to stay longer?

You can choose to stay an extra day or longer. Our group room rate extends before and after the event.

What about time with the group and time for me?

This getaway is set up to give you the best of both worlds. On Wednesday, we’ll host a fun and inspiring reception for you to meet everyone, and then we’ll go to dinner in small groups. By the end of the night you’ll have (at least) one new friend. Regena will lead morning group sessions followed by small group lunches. Most afternoons are free for you to play or relax, and one day we’ll be at the spa together. The evenings will be filled with group activities with some magical surprises in store. You’ll have plenty of personal time to enjoy the resort, play with the group and nurture your soul. Regena will be hosting all group events and can’t wait to have some one-on-one intimate time with everyone. The Getaway is designed to give you ample space to reflect, renew, and have a deeply transformational experience.

What are the typical ages of women who go?

The majority of women who attend are between 40-60 however, we’ve had women of all sizes, shapes, and ages. One year our youngest was 24 and our oldest was 71. I love that maidens and wise women get to come together and sit in circle with each other. We all have something to receive and something to give.


No. This is an ADULT ONLY resort, and our retreat is exclusively for women. You can bring your daughter if she is 21+, but having your partner attend is strongly discouraged. Why? Because it deflates the purpose of being fully present to YOURSELF. In fact, having your significant other staying at the resort while your participate in the program can keep you less connected to the group and split your attention. It’s like having one foot in and one foot out. We love our partners, and we want to share beautiful, romantic experiences with them – so why not have your “honey” fly in on Sunday and stay a couple of days together after the retreat?


Yes – but stay an extra day and our travel agent will help you book it. There won’t be time for an excursion during the planned days of the retreat. We encourage you to connect in our Facebook group with other women who are interested or planning to stay another day, so you can take in these excursions together.


Yes. This is our 6th year going to Mexico. The location of this resort and this trip is in a safe area and there are no travel warnings or advisories. Every year, we have women who have never traveled out of the country and/or not by themselves – and they all leave thinking, “that was easy!” One of the reasons I keep coming back to this location is because of its proximity to Cancun and its international airport. I will tell you exactly what to do, what to bring, and what it’s like to go through immigration and customs. I will tell you exactly where to go to be picked up and who to look for. I promise I have made this easy for you and you’ll be well-cared for. If this feels scary, know that it means that we’ll get to celebrate your bravery in stepping outside of your comfort zone. The exhilaration and confidence of doing it will stay with you.


YES. This is a big one. Not only do you need a passport – but you need one that isn’t expiring before APRIL 2018. If you don’t have a passport, or yours is expiring in the next year, you need to do some paperwork. Ugh, right? Don’t worry, it’s not hard! Go to your local Walgreens and get some quick passport photos, fill out your paperwork online and send in your forms. If you’re from the US, you can get more details here:

What does all of this cost?

Retreat price includes:

  • Daily group sessions led by Regena
  • Laser coaching
  • Access to the exclusive private Facebook community
  • 2 Group Video Coaching Calls  (one before and one after the event)
  • Private evening events
  • Red Hot Visionista dinner
  • Spa treatment ($169 value) and Day Pass to resort spa facility, including the hydro-therapy pool, steam room and sauna ($65 value)

BBGG 2017 – $795



Resort package includes:

  • Five-star world-class suite accommodations
  • All meals and beverages including alcohol
  • Resort amenities
  • Taxes, gratuities, resort fees and airport transfers

Payment plans available

Resort transfers to and from the airport are $35 per person roundtrip.

Junior Suite Pool View: Double Room –$163 or Single Room $208 per night

Junior Suite Ocean View: Double—$188 or Single—$234 per night  

Please be aware of Mexico’s entry requirements and basis for denial of entry into the country. To learn more please visit:

IMPORTANT: Is Your Passport Current? Six month minimum validity required for entry into Mexico


It’s easy – just schedule a session with Regena to discuss the benefits of joining the getaway.


Dear Visionista

Dear Visionista,

I am a recovering Good Girl Perfectionist Achiever.

I say “recovering,” because just when I think my inner Good Girl isn’t dictating my life anymore, a life situation will challenge me – and I’ll realize that a good girl myth or archetype or belief is still at the core.

For the past 7 years, I’ve been studying, teaching, and mentoring on the Good Girl, and what I know is that even super successful, have it together, badass leaders still get affected. The fact is, the Good Girl is engrained in our culture. It’s part of the patriarchy. And it’s part of a story that connects as a sisterhood. That’s why I love teaching women about the Good Girl – because we need to learn how to work with her instead of against her.

And the best way I know to manifest this shift is through my retreat.

This experience is unlike anything out there. It’s not “girls gone wild in Mexico.” It’s not just a relaxing vacation (you can do that on your own). This is different. Over the past six years, I have carefully crafted this Getaway to become the exact trip I wanted to attend myself.

I remember when I first dreamt it up: I had been working long days and nights, trying to build a business and struggling to do it alone. I realized that I felt disconnected from myself. I was tired. I had allowed myself, for the sake of “networking and business growth,” to attend every seminar and workshop I could find. Even though I always got a lot out of them, the long days in bland conference rooms under florescent lights left me exhausted – and I never felt like I had enough time to absorb the material. I thought, what kind of experience do I really want and need? And why can’t I find it?

That’s when I decided to create an retreat of my own – something with the perfect mix of transformational, experiential growth sessions with a sacred space for women to deeply connect with themselves and lift each other up. I wanted to help and attract women who were used to handling everything, so they could truly relax and receive the pampering they deserved. I realized that for many of the women I worked with, opening up to fully receive was not only difficult, but it was blocking their sense of fulfillment. I knew that degree of self-care would up-level our feelings of worth, success and abundance.

For the first two years, I was blessed to run the Bye Bye Good Girl Getaway with my soul sister, Christina Dunbar. The transformation, the connection and the FUN was more than I could have possibly imagined – and even when Christina decided to pursue her own passion path, I knew that I had to continue offering this retreat.

This is my soul work. My gift to making the world better. My mission is to help women honor themselves, step into their power and become the leaders of their own lives – without guilt or apology. But here’s what I really love about the Bye Bye Good Getaway: it’s truly the most fun I have all year. And I want you to come with me, to experience it all – part tropical vacation, part sisterhood circle, and part soul retreat.

If you feel the ocean calling to your heart, you owe it to yourself to chat with me about the possibility – and in a few months, you could be sitting on the golden sands of Mexico in a sacred circle of women, toasting the sunset.

We’re waiting for YOU!

Love, Regena